Pensions and auto-enrolment

There are two pension schemes open employees of schools and academies, subject to eligibility criteria, LGPS and Teachers' Pension Scheme.

Full details of the scheme benefits, along with the relevant forms for opting in and opting out, can be found on the relevant scheme’s website:

Teachers' Pensions Scheme

Local Government Pension Scheme - (East Sussex Pension Fund)

Local Government Pension Scheme - (West Sussex Pension Fund)

LGPS Pensions

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Employers are required by law to enrol employees who meet certain criteria into a qualifying pension scheme.

Enrolment dates are unique to each employer, and employees are re-enrolled on a rolling three year cycle.

On the relevant re-enrolment date, if you are an “eligible jobholder” you will automatically be entered into the relevant pension scheme. Similarly, if you become an “eligible jobholder” you may be entered into the scheme at the point you begin to meet the eligibility criteria. Details of the assessment criteria can be found in the FAQ document.

It is important to note that employees have the right to join or leave the pension scheme at any time.

Pension Autoenrolment Faq

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