Payslips are provided electronically via the secure website ePay.

Payslip information is uploaded to the website every month, where it can be viewed as a PDF file. Employees can choose to receive email alerts when their monthly payslip is ready to view.

Use the link below to be directed to the relevant ePay website:

Maintained schools


E Payslips User Guide Maintained School

Download pdf (447.85 KB)

E Payslips User Guide Academy

Download pdf (396.95 KB)

Accessing e-payslips

  • The site will hold the current financial year payslip data, plus the previous five years – giving staff six years of information to view.
  • P60s are also provided electronically through the same website.
  • All members of staff are issued instructions on how to set up a user account, via email or letter within the first month of starting employment.
  • The username and password provided are both case sensitive. If they are experiencing problems logging in with the initial details provided, please check they have used the correct case.
  • Staff will be notified by email when their payslip is ready to view, and it will contain a link to the website to access the information, at least three working days before pay day. If they are not in receipt of the email and would like to receive a monthly notification, they will need to simply log into ePay and enter their email address under 'My Details' section.

Exception policy

  • If a member of staff has a disability, medical condition, visual impairment, or accessibility issue that affects them from using the ePayslip website, paper payslips are able to be provided.
  • Each case will be assessed dependent on the circumstances of the individual, and in line with the Exception policy.
  • Please arrange for the exception application form to be completed, to request for a member of staff to receive their payslips in paper format.

Electronic Payslips Exception Policy

Download doc (444 KB)

After leaving employment

  • Pay information will remain available on the website after an individual leaves employment. Their log in details will remain the same.
  • If they no longer wish to use this website after leaving they can download the payslip and P60 information onto their own computer or device.


Providing payslips electronically has a number of benefits:

  • Improved data security – your personal pay information is safe, securely password protected and no longer circulated in the postal system.
  • Saving money – the cost per payslip was more than halved, from 19p to 7p. We expect to save £56,000 over four years.
  • Reduced environmental impact – using e-payslips cuts the amount of paper we use.
  • Improved access – staff can access their pay information at work or home, especially useful for staff on maternity leave and who work term-time only for example.
  • Duplicate payslips – staff will no longer need to pay if they need a duplicate payslip.

Contact Information


Email: myhelpdeskfinance@surreycc.gov.uk